Tech Education Drexel

About Tech Education Drexel

In the University of Executive, you will learn through a predominantly lab-based multi-disciplinary program that bridges design and specialized application. Designed to develop a chance to analyze a predicament, bring patterns from theory into certainty and apply cross-disciplinary skills to real-life problem-solving and implementation, this immersive homework prepares one to make a lasting affect in the world of technology.

At the heart with this program can be described as focus on the use of advanced systems to address current public problems. You can expect to gain important experience simply by engaging in the introduction of a technology-based solution to a significant real-world problem with the guidance of college experts within their fields.

As an element of this degree, you will participate in the Design and Innovation Competition, where you will receive the opportunity to help with companies coming from various market sectors on the creation and evaluating of an ground breaking method. The skills received in this experience will help you to create a competitive advantage once entering the workforce.

You can further enhance your research by adding a co-major in Technology Innovation Management on your Bachelor of Science degree. This co-major is available to students in all of the LeBow educational institutions and will offer the skills would have to be powerful in the ever-changing landscape of business.

Pertaining to graduate learners, a number of master’s programs can be offered through the Graduate student School of Biomedical Savoir and Professional Studies. Many of these degrees range from the Biomedical Scientific disciplines and Biotechnology, Medical Explore and the Graduate License in Entrepreneurship.

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